Whether we are advising a business, family office or private client, we apply our unique analytical and practical skills to provide superior strategic counsel. The breadth of our perspectives and expertise enables us to advise clients about the risks and likely outcomes of their matters, and we understand these matters exist in a matrix that includes businesses, personal issues, and reputations. For our corporate clients, we understand the complexities of running businesses in a global environment and the need to predict and control risk as well as the need to prepare in advance for times of crisis, which are increasingly inevitable. Whether our private clients face financial, family, professional or other issues, and whether they are in politics, entertainment, finance, professional sports, media, medicine, law, or venture capital, we understand how their legal challenges intersect with and affect the rest of their personal and professional lives.

We combine unique quantitative and qualitative analysis with extensive understanding of transactional legal practice, litigation and appellate practice, financial matters, and their complex interrelationships. Accordingly, we are able to anticipate problems before they arise, deploying appropriate strategies and resources that often enable us to prevent crises altogether. Ideally, this leads us to quick and satisfactory resolution. We are attuned to the motivations and approaches of our adversaries, foreseeing strategies and tactics so that we're able to advise, protect, and fortify our clients even in very high-conflict matters. Our clients are exceptionally well-prepared for the strategies or tactics we encounter.

Our Founding Principles

From very different personal and professional backgrounds, we resolved to create a new model for a law firm, one that bridged fundamental gaps in providing clients with the best legal counsel. Among those gaps are that analytical tools common in sectors from finance to technology are largely absent from even elite legal practices; that the increasing sub-specialization of legal practice has come at the price of broad strategic analysis and counsel, and at increased financial cost to clients; that the exacting standards of elite corporate legal practice do not always seem to apply to certain areas of legal service, ranging from family law to crisis and risk management; and that the legal market itself discourages legal service innovation that would address these problems. We created a firm that delivers exceptional service to our clients by challenging old models, honing new ones and bringing insights and analysis from other professions into our legal practice.