Scott Labby

Managing Partner

Scott is founder of S. R. Labby and oversees the Firm's business and legal affairs. He directs the Firm’s risk and crisis management practice and is vital to the Firm’s corporate transactional and private client practices. Scott has managed crisis and risk issues for U.S. Presidential and Senate campaigns, hedge funds, international financial institutions, high net worth and high profile individuals, and family offices.

A deft problem solver and trusted advisor, Scott serves as chief strategist in complex affairs that may involve multiple stakeholders, including domestic and international governmental bodies, multiple law firms, advisors in related fields, such as accounting, financial management and bankruptcy, as well as other key actors. With extensive expertise in negotiation, media relations, strategic planning, complex liability, and corporate and personal security, Scott is instrumental in protecting his clients' interests, often in matters requiring delicate attention, around the clock responsiveness, and absolute discretion. Locating the key issues in every case, often before they surface, Scott anticipates opposition tactics and analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities on all sides of the table.

Scott was previously a founder and managing partner of Greenfield Labby LLP. Prior to that, he served for many years as Vice President and Special Counsel in the Office of the Chairman of D.E. Shaw, one of the world's largest hedge funds. He bears the distinction of having received a G.E.D., a national Truman Scholarship, and a Yale Law School J.D. Scott is a supporter of several charities and, together with his wife, funds annual scholarships at multiple colleges and universities aimed at promoting the advancement of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.