Alicia Ferriabough Taylor


Alicia joins the firm in our Private Client Group, where she advises select clients on trusts and estates, family law and entertainment, and intellectual property matters. Alicia’s comprehensive service to her private clients is grounded in her previous work in the business group of a major venture capital / private equity law firm, where she represented emerging technology companies in venture capital fund formation and financing, as well as publicly traded companies in mergers and acquisitions and securities law.

Alicia’s practice focuses on clients with a range of professional and financial interests. Her trusts and estates practice emphasizes long-term planning, so that personal property distribution is coordinated properly with complex business, family, and tax implications. Alicia brings the same sophistication and comprehensive analysis to her family law clients as well, helping them reach the best outcome for themselves and their families by ensuring that our clients understand the immediate and continuing impacts and risks of their options from both a transactional and personal perspective.

Alicia’s representations include renowned A-list recording artists, producers, and songwriters in entertainment related matters including distribution, licensing, management, and media. In addition to advising her clients on general business matters, she provides a variety of intellectual property counseling, including the viability of trademarks, filing trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and fighting preliminary refusals to register.

Alicia previously developed and ran her own successful fashion design start-up, managing legal, business, and branding. These experiences collectively enable Alicia to effectively advise her entertainment clients in a broad range of business ventures, leveraging their positions to negotiate new media deals and consider joint ventures that diversify their business and brand identities.

Alicia’s practices converge in specialized legacy, property and family advising for her high profile and entertainment clients. She is especially sensitive to the unique issues facing entertainers and celebrities. Alicia developed her trusts and estates practice after advising a professional singer who was left nearly destitute with two young children after suddenly losing her husband and benefactor. In the course of remedying the situation, Alicia realized that had the client sought broad advice before coming to her, problems could have been avoided altogether. Alicia’s diverse legal experience, business savvy and personal background make her unmatched in anticipating and intercepting potential problems.